Gothia and the Community

Gothia’s ethical guidelines are established to ensure a high ethical standard. Employees shall at all times behave in a manner that establishes and enhances the public’s confidence in Gothia. It is a given that the company, management and employees shall follow the rules and regulations dictating the group’s operations. Advice and comments issued by the FSA, OFT, CSA and other authorities shall be considered in the daily operations and in the development of routines and instructions within the UK business.

Gothia’s work is based upon the value that each and everyone should be treated with trust and respect. It is therefore important that decisions of all magnitudes can be justified from a social and ethical standpoint. Gothia aims to be part of a well-functioning society, and to contribute to maintained payment ethics, functioning credit systems and law-abiding contractual obligations. It follows that Gothia always takes into consideration the social responsibility of the business as well as the trust that our company has earned over the years.

Gothia has developed excellent relations with companies that sell their accounts receivables as a means of financing their operations. Providing advice and active guidance to our own clients and their customers is becoming increasingly important, primarily to help protect them from fraud and other unlawful business practices. All clients’ financial standing is investigated continuously and Gothia should not take part in any business that might be related to illegal activity or doubtful, so called ‘creative accounting’. Gothia monitors all information and follows strictly all regulations issued by authorities with regard to precautionary measures to prohibit money laundering and economic crime.

Gothia representatives have in the past taken part in discussions and negotiations with authorities pertaining to questions dealing with society’s payment ethics. Companies and private individuals are becoming increasingly indebted all across Europe and as a result of inadequate resources to fight these developments the time frame for collecting outstanding debt is unacceptable in several countries. Gothia will continue to promote the use of available execution and debt sanitation measures in a timely fashion when appropriate.

Gothia is a member of all above organisations.