About Gothia

Gothia is part of arvato Financial Solutions - a global financial service provider and part of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA as a subsidiary of arvato AG.

The company has around 7,000 employees in 22 countries, including a strong presence in Europe, America and Asia. arvato Financial Solutions is synonymous with professional outsourcing services (Finance BPO) centering on cash flow in all phases of the customer lifecycle - from risk management and invoicing to debtor management, the sale of receivables and debt collection. We manage around 10,000 customers making us Europe's third largest integrated financial service provider.

Gothia's debt collection aim at providing debtors with tools that help them pay their debts as soon as possible, to avoid as must cost as possible. Our ethical guidelines are established to ensure a high ethical standard. Country specific info regarding membership in organizations / legal control instances.